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Company Overview
Founded on revolutionary spacesuit technology.

Game Ready® was built upon a cutting-edge concept—that the principles behind spacesuit technology could be used to develop a superior injury treatment and accelerated recovery system. As a designer for NASA and an inductee into the U.S. Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame, our founder helped pioneer the technology involved in controlling pressure and temperature within a flexible garment. In 1998, he began working with human athletes, athletic trainers, and doctors to expand his discoveries into the realm of sports medicine.

Extensively tested on humans.

The positive feedback associated with the company’s first Game Ready prototypes for humans was overwhelming. Sprains, strains, and bruises healed better and faster. Post-operative patients recovered more quickly. Today, this technology is being used by more than 500 professional athletes, 90 pro sports teams, and 160 universities nationwide. Many top athletes—including Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, and Jack Kemp—liked the system so much that they became part owners in the company.

Game Ready’s entry into the veterinary world began as a small test market in 2004. When the United States Equestrian Team (USET) learned of the product, they offered their veterinary expertise as a complement to Game Ready’s technology know-how. The result is a product that has since set a new standard in cold and compression therapy in the veterinary world.

Passionate about what we do.

Many of our employees are animal lovers or pet owners who’ve had first-hand experience with the frustrations associated with messy and difficult-to-administer cold and compression therapies. We understand the desires of pet owners and health care providers who want nothing more than to relieve animals of pain and get them back in action.

CoolSystems, Inc., maker of Game Ready, is based in Concord, California, and is registered as a medical device manufacturer with the State of California and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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