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The Science Behind Game Ready
Game Ready® canine products enable the same physical therapy and post-operative treatment approaches used on humans calling for the proven benefits of cryotherapy and compression. These treatment principles have been shown to reduce pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and swelling—ultimately allowing for quicker and better healing and injury recovery. Until now, ice (cold) and compression have been the most difficult parts of tried and true protocols to administer to an animal, creating a treatment gap.

Game Ready effectively and efficiently fills the treatment gap with a patented technology that simultaneously delivers adjustable dry cold and active compression.

The goals: Accelerated reduction of swelling. Minimized pain. Prevention of greater tissue damage. Faster and better healing.






Setting a new standard in injury recovery.

The Game Ready System was originally developed by scientists and doctors using proprietary NASA spacesuit technology. Our canine products are based on a similar product used by top competitive horse riders and trainers around the world—as well as by more than 500 professional athletes, 90 professional sports teams, and 160 universities nationwide. The result is a breakthrough accelerated recovery system that has set a new standard in cold and compression therapy—one that veterinarians are raving about.

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